Project Leadership Courses

Leading from the Front, Back and Middle

  • … Managing and supporting stakeholders to enable project success (3 days)
  • Identifying and prioritizing project stakeholders
  • Establishing productive relationships and communications with internal and external stakeholders
  • Facilitating effective meetings and status briefings
  • Creating strategies for successful conflict resolution

The New Dispersed Project Team

  • … Creating highly effective work groups in a global and virtual environment (2 days)
  • Facilitating cross functional team communications
  • Breaking down cultural barriers and building bridges
  • Forming effective teams despite geographical separation
  • Managing “virtual” resources

Negotiating for Agreement – Project Contracts and Issues

  • … Using positive negotiations to build effective relationships & resolutions (2 days)
  • Selecting the appropriate negotiation outcome for different situations
  • Recognizing contract types and understanding their implications for project negotiations and decisions
  • Resolving conflicts and managing disputes among team members, customers, contractors, and functional groups

Effective Communication Skills

  • … Enabling clear communications with mutually understood outcomes (2 days)
  • Identifying appropriate communication strategies within a project environment
  • Facilitating different communication styles
  • Reducing costs associated with miscommunications
  • Developing effective presentation skills
  • Promoting high-impact communications
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