Technical Skills Courses

Project Management Principles for Success

  • … Presenting an overview of best practices to reinforce knowledge and skills (3 days)
  • Building a project management vocabulary
  • Identifying opportunities and assessing financial benefits
  • Applying a systematic approach to project planning
  • Monitoring progress and meeting completion criteria

Project Planning for Success

  • … Establishing the baselines essential for controlling project execution (2 days)
  • Detailing project scope and allocating resources
  • Scheduling activities and identifying the critical path
  • Establishing project baselines for scope, cost, & schedule
  • Building earned value management into the project plan

Project Implementation for Success

  • … Applying techniques and metrics for project execution, monitoring, and control (2 days)
  • Identifying and validating project baselines
  • Establishing a change control process
  • Analyzing the schedule and reporting project status
  • Using earned value management
  • Applying crashing, fast tracking, and resource leveling

Applying Risk Management to Projects (Fundamental & Advanced)

  • … Utilizing a four step process to manage project risk (2 days)
  • Identifying and analyzing risks on a project
  • Applying methods for prioritizing risk events
  • Developing strategies for managing risk events
  • Implementing and controlling risk strategies
  • Advanced Risk Topics
  • Using PERT and critical chain techniques
  • Performing financial analyses to assess project risk
  • Developing a synergistic model for selecting strategies
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