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Windward Customized Workshops for Project Teams


Workshops provide solutions and support for project managers and project team members who are experiencing project performance issues or difficulties in achieving project objectives. Each workshop is customized to address a specific problem area or project deliverable.


Project teams come to a Windward workshop with specific objectives to achieve. Project teams leave a workshop with deliverables directly related to those objectives – actionable project plans, solutions to project management problems, and best practice tools and techniques to apply in the workplace.



A Windward Workshop can help with the following project challenges and more . . .

  • Developing a viable project plan
  • Identifying and planning for project risk
  • Optimizing resource utilization
  • Tracking project progress using earned value 
  • Controlling unacceptable project variances
  • Writing milestones and establishing accountability

  • Controlling scope creep with change control
  • Managing stakeholder relationships
  • Writing a project communication plan
  • Rescuing a troubled or failing project
  • Managing subcontractors


How A Project Team Workshop Works

Windward workshops are a combined training and consulting experience. With the facilitator’s guidance, team members develop one (or more) of the following workshop deliverables:

  • Project Plan or a specific project plan component
  • Problem-solving strategy to manage a specific project issue
  • Framework to achieve a specific project management result

The Workshop Process:

Step 1:  Prior to the workshop the facilitator and instructional designer meet with the client to identify project issues and the resulting workshop deliverable requirements.

Step 2:  Workshop materials are then created to focus on the identified project management concerns and objectives.

Step 3:  During the workshop the facilitator presents relevant concepts, tools, and techniques in distinct modules.

Step 4:  Each module presentation is followed by the project team applying key learning points to achieve the desired workshop deliverable(s). The workshop facilitator provides guidance and consulting advice to support the team’s achievements.


For more information about project team workshops, please contact Windward Project Management.