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Windward Consulting Services for Project Initiatives


Windward provides guidance to help an organization build a strong foundation to support planning and execution of the projects that make an organization’s strategic goals a reality.


Windward consulting services are an extension of its core mission to provide high quality and customized project management training to client organizations. The goal of Windward consulting is to help ensure a project environment that supports project managers and teams in those organizations. Windward offers its expertise to advise organizations on building a project foundation and maturing a strong project culture.

Executive Briefings

Clear and concise briefings focus on senior leadership’s support and oversight of strategic project initiatives and the establishment of project structures and accountability. Briefings are tailored to be specifically tied to organizational goals and influenced by the project management maturity level of the organization. Objectives for a briefing are developed in consultation with leadership stakeholders and strategic planning advisors.

Project Structures

Project structures create the framework within which project initiatives are accomplished. Windward consulting provides guidance to help organizations build the foundation for effective project management.  View the list of structure examples:  

  • Executive sponsorship
  • Portfolio management
  • Project governance
  • Risk tolerance

  • Internal control systems
  • Project performance metrics
  • Project vs. functional organizational constructs
  • Project manager authority and responsibilities

Project Management

Windward consulting provides project planning and execution guidance to help project managers and teams. 

View the list of project management examples:

  • Requirements identification 
  • Methodology selection
  • Project plan development
  • Kickoff meeting
  • Project team charter

  • Cost and schedule integration
  • Communication plan
  • Project risk plan
  • Stakeholder management
  • Project performance reporting


For more information about project team workshops, please contact Windward Project Management.