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About the Course

This course introduces project management as a formalized discipline of planning, organizing, managing, and controlling resources to accomplish the project’s objectives. Topics focus on fundamental concepts, tools, and techniques required to meet stakeholder expectations, to balance multiple project constraints, and to deliver a quality product or service. The course concludes with a comparison of key elements of a traditional project management framework and the agile approach to managing projects.

  • Project Management Framework
  • Complexity of balancing competing project constraints
  • Systematic approach to project planning with scope, cost, schedule
  • Relationship of resources to project cost and duration
  • Stakeholder identification and management strategies
  • Risk management planning process
  • Monitoring project progress and controlling deviations from the baseline
  • Responsibilities of project managers and teams during project execution
  • Project closeout activities and importance of project closure
  • Comparison of traditional project management and the agile approach

  • Build a project management framework with facilitated direction from the instructor
  • Apply a systematic project planning approach to a project case study 
  • Practice using project management tools and techniques in classroom team exercises 
  • Share workplace project issues and questions for instructor guidance and class discussion
  • Capture key course “take-aways” to help better manage workplace projects