What We Do To Support Projects

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  • Project management courses for organization sponsored training programs and project initiatives
    • In-person classroom training conducted onsite at a client’s facility
    • Virtual classroom training with a live instructor and video producer 
  • Project team workshops delivered onsite or virtual
  • Facilitation by training professionals and project management experienced practitioners 
  • Instructional design for customization of courses and workshops 
  • Consulting expertise for project initiatives

Where Windward Offers Training –

Customized training and workshops are offered through client organizations to employees and contractors supporting projects. Scheduling is determined by the organization requesting the engagement in coordination with the Windward team. Learning addresses real project issues and allows project management tools and techniques to be directly applied in the workplace.

Who Windward Supports –

  • Windward supports organizations seeking project management training and consulting for their leadership, project managers, and project team members.
  • Windward addresses a wide range of client requirements and project challenges from the fundamentals of managing projects to
    data-driven performance measurement.

How Windward Customizes –

  • Each Windward course is customized to address specific client training objectives. A customization effort can be as simple as inclusion of client templates to extensive course content development.
  • Each Windward workshop is unique to the project team. A needs analysis is conducted to determine the workshop focus and project challenges. With these inputs, Windward creates the objectives, agenda, and materials for the session.