Performance Measurement and Earned Value Management

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About the Course

This course presents an earned value methodology that integrates project cost, schedule, and scope performance indicators to determine current project progress and predict future performance. Topics focus on analyzing project status data and interpreting the results. Actual work accomplished is compared with project baselines for performance analyses. The course also includes effective utilization of milestones as project performance indicators. 

  • Concept of Earned Value Management (EVM)
  • Benefits and practicality of an EVM project control system
  • Performance measurement baseline and foundation for EVM
  • Variances and indices calculations
  • Monitoring and forecasting project performance 
  • Project performance analysis 
  • Trend analysis
  • Pitfalls in earned value applications and results
  • Milestone development for effective performance measurement
  • Meaningful performance status reporting

  • Build a Performance Measurement Baseline using information provided in a project scenario 
  • Analyze project performance using project data provided in exercise scenarios
  • Write an effective milestone statement to monitor project progress
  • Share workplace project issues and questions for the instructor’s guidance and class discussion
  • Capture key course “take-aways” to help better measure and forecast project performance