Windward Project Management Courses

Windward Project Management offers project management courses that focus on the technical aspects of managing projects. Emphasis is on balancing scope, resources, costs, and schedule and controlling the risk inherent in every project. However, this does not mean Windward training does not address the people skills that hold a project together, because our training does! 


See the list of Windward courses – delivered in standard format or customized for your organization.

Project Management Fundamentals

Project management is a formalized discipline of planning, organizing, managing, and controlling resources to accomplish project objectives. Learn concepts, tools, and techniques required to meet stakeholder expectations, balance project constraints, and deliver a quality product or service.      Read More >>

Managing Project Risk

A key competency and important component necessary for achieving project success is effective risk management. Learn a risk planning process. Learn concepts, tools, and techniques required to manage uncertainties that could affect achievement of project objectives.     Read More >>

Resources, Cost and Scheduling – Beyond the Basics

Experienced project managers address schedule and resource challenges with approaches from differing methodologies. Learn advanced tools and techniques to produce more realistic resource costs and schedule estimates in today’s project management environment.     Read More >>

Performance Measurement and Earned Value Management

The earned value methodology integrates project cost, schedule, and scope performance indicators to determine current project progress and predict future performance. Learn how to analyze project status data and interpret the results. Learn how to develop objective milestones to monitor progress.     Read More >>

Troubled Projects and Regaining Control

A troubled project is not performing within the range of acceptable tolerance limits and may be moving toward a possible failure. Learn warning signs of negative project trends. Learn how to build and execute plans for project assessment and project recovery.     Read More >>

Stakeholder Focused Project Management

Early engagement with project stakeholders to understand their needs and expectations is critical for successful project management. Learn how to manage stakeholders throughout the project life cycle. Learn theory and tools for effective stakeholder communication.     Read More >>

Finance for Project Managers

Financial considerations influence all aspects of project management from project selection to resource utilization. Learn financial fundamentals. Gain the knowledge necessary to be confident in discussing project financial issues and decisions with senior management and finance professionals.     Read More >>

Training To Support Organizations

  • Windward Project Management provides training for commercial, government, and nonprofit organizations. Each course session is delivered specifically for project managers and team members in the organization. This Windward organizational approach to training adds a shared project management dynamic to the class experience. 
  • Windward focuses on providing training to help organizations solve project problems. The Instructor communicates with a client representative prior to the training session to better understand the organization’s project “pain points” and training requirements. This preparation results in a consulting element incorporated with the course instruction.

Customization Makes Courses Unique

  • Customization is a unique element of Windward Project Management course materials and deliveries. Project management experience, training facilitation skills, and instructional design expertise are combined to respond to clients’ specific training requirements and requests for desired learning outcomes.
  • The Windward instructional designer and course instructor work with training sponsors to incorporate organization specific project processes and materials into the course design and training facilitation. This allows project management best practices to be presented in relationship to the organization’s project environment.

Delivery Options For Training Flexibility

  • Client Onsite
    •   In-person classes
    •   Client provided facility
    •   Classroom project teams
  • Virtual Learning
    •   Online instructor-led live training
    •   Video producer technical support
    •   Attendee interactive participation
  • Hybrid Onsite and Remote
    •   In-person classes for majority of attendees
    •   Select group of remote attendees
    •   Client provided technology for remote attendees
  • Scheduling Options
    •   Full day consecutive classes (preferred option)   
    •   Half-day class sessions
    •   Viable number of non-consecutive days