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About the Course

This course introduces a key competency and important component necessary for achieving project success – effective risk management.  The training provides a disciplined risk planning process of identifying, analyzing, prioritizing, and strategizing risk events.  The course focuses on the concepts, tools, and techniques required to manage uncertainties that could affect achievement of project objectives.

Course Level

Training is delivered as an introductory, intermediate, or advanced course based on the project management knowledge and experience of the target audience.

Topics are customized for the appropriate course level and client training requirements.

  • Meaning of “risk” in project management
  • Managing risk and achieving project objectives
  • Risk management planning process
  • Risk identification techniques
  • Qualitative risk analysis and prioritization
  • Quantitative risk analysis 
  • Strategies to manage risk 
  • Implementing risk strategies and project impact
  • Identification of risk triggers and responses
  • Applying project reserves to manage risk

  • Build a risk register in a series of case study exercises consistent with the risk planning process 
  • Complete a multi-module case study progressing through the risk planning process
  • Practice using a strategy selection matrix and the comparative risk ranking technique
  • Share workplace project issues and questions for the instructor’s guidance and class discussion
  • Capture key course “take-aways” to help better manage project risk

Price Quote

Training fees are dependent on class days, delivery options, number of course sessions, and customization. Please submit the “Quick Contact” form so that we can contact you and discuss your training needs and a corresponding fee structure.