Stakeholder Focused Project Management

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About the Course

This course highlights why it is necessary to engage early with stakeholders and to understand their needs and expectations. Topics focus on stakeholder engagement throughout the project life cycle with emphasis on project planning and project execution. The importance of effective stakeholder communication is emphasized with the application of communication theory, tools, and techniques.

  • Project stakeholders – Who are they?
  • Project stakeholders – Why are they important?
  • Tools and techniques for stakeholder identification and analysis
  • Strategies for managing stakeholder needs and expectations
  • Possible impact on a project when stakeholders are overlooked 
  • Managing scope creep with a disciplined change control process
  • Conducting project kick-off and project status meetings
  • Developing a stakeholder communication plan 
  • Benefits of the project team writing a team charter
  • Project contractors and other external stakeholders

  • Complete a stakeholder register in a series of exercises using inputs from a project case study 
  • Practice applying a stakeholder analysis matrix to prioritize stakeholders in a project scenario
  • Build a project communication plan template applicable to the participant’s project environment
  • Share workplace project issues and questions for the instructor’s guidance and class discussion
  • Capture key course “take-aways” to help better manage and communicate with project stakeholders