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About the Course

This course looks at finance from the perspective of the organization’s strategic goals and project selection. The course also considers project planning and resource utilization to control costs and maximize profits. The training provides project managers with the knowledge to confidently discuss project financial issues and project management decisions with senior management and finance professionals.

Course Level

Training is delivered as an introductory or intermediate course based on the project management and financial  knowledge and experience of the target audience.

Topics are customized for the appropriate course level and client training requirements.

  • Fundamental financial concepts and terminology
  • Quantitative tools for financial analysis
  • Strategic financial goals and project selection
  • Financial risk tolerance 
  • Impact of upper management financial support throughout the project life cycle
  • Managing project resources to optimize financial performance
  • Types of contracts and resulting financial impact on a project
  • Project performance and financial status reporting

  • Identify financial strategies that influence the decision to bid on a project described in a solicitation 
  • Consider options for balancing project constraints when cost is the driving factor in a project scenario
  • Share workplace project issues and questions for the instructor’s guidance and class discussion
  • Capture key course “take-aways” to help in discussing project financial issues and making project decisions

Price Quote

Training fees are dependent on class days, delivery options, number of course sessions, and customization. Please submit the “Quick Contact” form so that we can contact you and discuss your training needs and a corresponding fee structure.